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All Years
  Committee Membership Physicianship Initiative (PDF)
  Computer Requirement Prevention of Student Mistreatment
  Email Policy Promotion Procedure
  Feedback to Students Reinstatement Procedures (from Leave of Absence)

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Graduation Competencies (printable version)

Six-Year Rule
  General Guidelines on Pass/Fail Grading Statement on an Abuse Free Environment
  Health Clearance Statement on Diversity
  HIPAA/Information Security Compliance Student Access to Educational Records (FERPA )
  Honor Code Student Conduct
  Industry Relationship Guidelines Student Information & Teaching Hospitals Compliance
  Leave of Absence (LOA) Overview Substance Abuse
  Leaves of Absence (LOA) Procedures Technical or Non-Academic Standards
  Long Term Disability Insurance Coverage Transportation Policy
  Medical Health Insurance Travel Reimbursement Guidelines
  No Smoking USMLE
  Ordering Food for Student Meetings Wilson Student Center Policies
Year 1
  Classroom Visitors  
  Mandatory Risk Management and Health Insurance for activities outside of UCLA (i.e. LIGA, Aesculapians, etc. (FREE)
Years 2
  Classroom Visitors  
  Mobile Device Requirement  
Year 3
  Evaluation of Students and Midterm Feedback Pagers
  Duty Hours Student Responsibilities
  Grading / Evaluations USMLE
  Mobile Device Requirement  
Year 4
  Away Electives Research Electives
  Duty Hours Special Electives
  Mobile Device Requirement Student Responsibilities
  Pagers USMLE