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Year 2
General Writing Guideline

When putting together any written document it is important to remember the reason why you're doing this. Are you trying to secure a research grant, a residency, a job? The nature of the position you are trying to land will greatly affect the tone and the focus of your cover letter. Here are a few simple guidelines for you to follow.

Here are a few questions that you might want to answer in your cover letter:
  • Why do you want this particular position?
  • What attracted you to this position?
  • Why is this a logical next step?
  • What will you to contribute to this position?
  • How are you different from other candidates?
  • What are your unique characteristics?
Things to think about when putting together your cover letter: Be clear and specific about what you are saying-get to the point quickly State the purpose of your letter in the first sentence--you need to capture the reader's attention right away.