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Admissions Information


Basis of Selection

Candidates are selected on the basis of the following considerations:

  • Undergraduate record.
  • Medical College Admissions Test Scores.
  • Multiple Mini-interviews with members of the Admissions Committee.
  • Letters of Recommendation. (3-5 Letters will be requested after initial review)
  • Graduate Record, where applicable.
  • Life Experiences (research, volunteerism, etc).

Last year 7,248 applications were received. The Admissions Committee requested supplemental information from approximately 3,000 applicants and interviewed close to 600 students. The remainder were thoroughly evaluated, but not invited for an interview. Preference is given to students who present high achievement in college and a capacity to develop mature interpersonal relationships. The Admissions Committee makes an effort to seek out qualified applicants. When supplemental information is requested, a processing fee of $80.00 will be required. Fee waivers, based solely on economic need, are granted only to applicants who have qualified for an AMCAS Fee Waiver.

Premedical Education: Ordinarily a bachelor's degree is required for admission, but in certain instances students who have completed three full academic years at an accredited college or university might be accepted. College years should be devoted to obtaining as broad an education as possible. The major objectives should be the following: (1) competence in English, written and spoken; (2) capacity for quantitative thinking, represented by mastery of mathematics, science and scientific method; (3) a foundation for an ever-increasing insight in human behavior, thought and aspiration, through the study of society, as revealed by the social sciences and the humanities.


The admission requirements are satisfied by the following courses:


ENGLISH One year of college English to include the study of English composition
PHYSICS One year of college Physics (with equivalent lab)
CHEMISTRY Two years of college chemistry to include the study of inorganic chemistry, quantitative analysis and organic chemistry ( lab)
BIOLOGY One year of general biology (with equivalent lab)
MATHEMATICS One year of college mathematics to include the study of introductory calculus and statistics
SPANISH Highly recommended
HUMANITIES Highly recommended


In the time not occupied by the required courses, students should pursue studies in the social sciences and humanities.

Courses overlapping in subject matter (e.g. human anatomy) with those in the school of medicine are not recommended. However, basic or advanced courses in biological science (e.g. cellular physiology) are desirable.

Completion of Requirements: Students must complete all premedical requirements before beginning the first year of medical study, although these requirements need not be completed at the time application for admission is filed. AP credit will not be accepted for completion of required courses.

Computer Requirement: All entering students are required to have a computer.


Age: The average age of our matriculants is 23 years. We encourage people of all ages who have demonstrated exceptional motivation and academic achievement to apply.

Residence: No preference is given to state of residence. However many applicants come from California. Acceptees from California are more likely to matriculate at UCLA. Out of 175 freshman, 85 percent were from California.

Reapplication: Students who were not successful in gaining admission to medical school may submit a second application. We would prefer that these individuals remain in an academic environment, either in a graduate degree program or doing remedial work in areas of weakness. The applicant should forward two letters of recommendation from associates during this period of time.

Applicants Who Have a Doctorate Degree :  Applicants who have a doctorate degree must apply for freshman standing. The Admissions Committee is aware of the unique background of most of these applicants and, therefore, reviews them accordingly. They must complete all of the normal admission requirements.

Permission for exemption from specific courses and for taking alternate programs, such as teaching or research, must be arranged after matriculation on an individual basis with the particular departments involved and the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

International Applicants: In order to be considered for admission, applicants who are not U.S. citizens and who reside in this country on a student visa will have to provide sufficient guarantee of financial support for their educational needs. Due to rapidly diminishing sources of financial assistance, we must exclude students who are neither citizens of the U.S.A. or permanent residents from consideration for scholarship funds and other financial aid in the form of loans.

Application procedures and admission requirements are the same for foreign applicants as for students who are citizens of the United States.

Medical College Admission Test: It is recommended that all candidates take the Medical College Admission Test in the spring, but it must be taken not later than September of the year preceding admission to the School of Medicine. If more than one MCAT was taken, all the test grades must be included when making application.

The test must be repeated if, at the time of application, more than three years have elapsed since it was taken.  Beginning with the 2016 application year DGSOM will accept both the old MCAT and the 2015 MCAT.  After January 2018 (when the old MCAT reaches expiration) only the 2015 MCAT will be acceptable.  For questions about registration and test administration contact: mcat@aamc.org

The MCAT Care Team
Association of American Medical Colleges
Section for Applicant Assessment Services
2450 N. Street N.W.
Washintgon, DC 20037
Phone: 202-828-0690

M.D. and Ph.D. Degrees: The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), a concurrent degree program, is available for exceptional students, some of whom may have tuition and fees paid by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and may receive a stipend in support of their education. Both the M.D. and Ph.D. degrees may be earned in seven years, depending on the candidate's course of study and thesis research. The Ph.D. may be awarded in any of the appropriate departments or programs of the School of Medicine or the University. Interested students should consult the MSTP Program Director at (310) 794-1817, http://www.medsch.ucla.edu/mstp.

Nondiscrimination: The University of California, in accordance with applicable Federal and State Laws and University Policies, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, age, medical condition, marital status, citizenship, or sexual orientation.   The University prohibits sexual harassment. This nondiscrimination policy covers admissions, access, and treatment in University programs and activities.


UCLA participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). To submit an application, please use the AMCAS web site:

Association of American Medical Colleges Office of Admissions
655 K Street, N.W. Suite 100, Washington, DC 20001-2399
(202) 828-0600
Web site: http://www.aamc.org

Please note:  David Geffen School of Medicine will only accept letters of recommendation via AMCAS.






David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Student Admissions
17-253 East Center for Health Sciences
Box 957035
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7035
Web site: http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/prospective
Email Inquiries and Information

Prior to submitting application, you must request that a complete set of official transcripts be forwarded directly to AMCAS by the registrar of each school you have attended. Official transcripts are not required for work you have taken the previous term (e.g. if application is submitted in summer, previous spring official transcripts are not required). No processing of your application will be performed until both the application and all required official transcripts are received by AMCAS. Completed applications are accepted by AMCAS no earlier than June 1 and no later than November 1 the year before the August of planned enrollment.

A student not admitted as the result of this first application may file a second application in one succeeding year. A third application is discouraged.

On the basis of a thorough and comparative evaluation of the AMCAS application, supplemental information and letters of recommendation, the candidate receives either a request to attend a multiple mini-interview session, or a letter of rejection. Students are expected to come to UCLA for interview and are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses. For the 2014 entering freshman class, first offers of acceptance were mailed from the Admissions Office on January 15, 2014. The remainder of the class is filled after that period.

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA follows the AAMC "Traffic Rules" regarding acceptance by candidates into the entering class.

Transfer Application: UCLA does not accept transfer students in any year.

Admissions Information
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