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Pennies From Heaven
UCLA School of Medicine

In June 1985, the Student and Resident Financial Services Office at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA published the first edition of Pennies From Heaven for its students. In it, we attempted to provide a comprehensive list of non-UCLA scholarship and loan sources to which our students might apply. As new funds surfaced and old ones vanished, we tried to keep abreast of the changes by publishing several editions.

We are pleased to provide the latest version of the publication. In doing so, we have made every effort to contact representatives of the fund sources listed in the publication. As of this writing, all are correct. The difficulty, however, is to keep it current. Your help is needed! If you find a new financial aid source, let us know. If there is a change of address, or if an agency no longer has an interest in providing assistance, please tell us.

We hope you find this publication useful and that it contributes to your financial support during medical school. Your comments, suggestions, recommendations, success stories, etc. are always appreciated. We'd like to hear from you.

Table of Contents

Pennies from Heaven- Scholarships

Pennies from Heaven- Loans

Pennies from Heaven- Loan Repayment Plans

Financial Aid
Application Process
: DGSOM Financial Aid Handbook
: Apply for Financial Aid
: Check the Status of your Application
: Student Budget / Cost of Attendance
: Understanding Need Analysis
: Forms and Publications
: Calendar
How To Receive Aid
: Electronic Financial Aid Notification (eFAN)
: Minimum Enrollment Requirement
: Loan Procedure
: Bruin Bill/Bruin Direct
: Disbursement of Outside Scholarships
How To Maintain Eligibility
: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
: Leave Of Absence and Withdrawals
Types of Financial Aid
: Financial Aid Funding Sources
: Outside scholarships - Pennies From Heaven
: UCOP Private Loan Lender List
Additional FAO Resources
: Presentations
: Video Library
: About FAO
Quick Links
: FAFSA Online
: Need Access Application Link
: Debt Management Counseling
: Direct Loan MPN