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Career & Specialty Interest Groups






Career Specialty Interest Groups (CSIGs) represent some of the 122 specialties and subspecialties that you can pursue through a residency or fellowship. CSIGs are charged with providing informative and innovative programming geared toward career exploration. Click on a CSIG below to find out what your fellow students have planned in your area of interest! If you are looking for a specialty that is not represented by a group below, contact Mitsue Yokota or Shamar Jones about starting a new group.

Active Interest Groups

Anesthesiology Interest Group (ASIG)
Cardiology Interest Group (CIG)

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)
Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)
Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)
Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

Head & Neck Surgery Interest Group (ENTIG)

Integrative Medicine Student Interest Group (IMSIG)
Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)
Lifestyle Medicine Intrest Group (LMIG)

Medical Genetics Interest Group (GIG)

Medical Innovations Interest Group (MIIG)

Medicine Pediatrics Interest Group (MPIG)
Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSIG)
Obstretrics & Gynecology Interest Group (OBIG)
Oncology Interest Group (OncIG)

Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG)

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG)
Pathology Interest Group (PathIG)

Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PsychSIG)
Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

Surgery Interest Group (SIG)
Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Women in Surgery Interest Group (WISIG)


Anesthesiology Student Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Robert Maciel
Student Advisor:  Yas Sanaiha, Shaishav Shah
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Nguyen-Lee, M.D.
Department Website: http://www.anes.ucla.edu/
CSIG Website: http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/aig/main.htm
Sponsoring College: Acute Care

The Anesthesiology Interest Group is dedicated to introducing and educating medical students about the field of anesthesiology through a variety of meetings and activities, where students have opportunities to learn clinical skills and explore their interests by shadowing in an OR. Clinical skill workshops are held to introduce students to airway management, including techniques such as bag-valve mask and intubations. Students are also encouraged to participate in the shadowing program to follow residents and faculty in the OR, allowing them to experience directly what it is like to work in this rapidly growing and exciting field.


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Cardiology Interest Group

Student Coordinators:  Shilpa Agrawal, John Davis
Student Advisors: Shirley Hu, Eugene Shkolyar
Faculty Advisor: James Weiss, M.D.
Department Website: http://www.cardiology.med.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Academic Medicine


The goal of the Cardiology Interest Group is to expose future physicians to the excitement of different fields within cardiology at an early stage in training.  To do so, we will organize lunchtime meetings during the which leaders in their filed have an opportunity to speak to first and second year medical students about their work and the current trends in the field of cardiology.  Students benefit by getting early exposure to cardiology, plus the privilege to hear some wonderful doctors whom they would not otherwise come in contact with so early in their training.  We will also provide shadowing opportunities, enabling students to get hands-on experience with cardiology patients.  Lastly, the Cardiology Interest Group will provide opportunities for medical students to get to know cardiology fellows and attendings through social events and mixers, thus creating a collegial atmosphere to foster interest in cardiology.  We hope this group will spark interest in pursuing a career path in one of the cardiology specialties to balance the growing need for cardiologists both in the clinical and research realms.

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Dermatology Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Sara Mottahedan, Catherine Ni
Student Advisors: Heajung Lee
Faculty Advisors: Melvin Chiu, M.D.
Sponsoring College: Academic Medicine

The Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) has been founded for the purpose of advancing student knowledge of the dermatology specialty. Our objectives include:

In order to fulfill our goals and objectives, we will utilize faculty support to provide lunchtime talks, offer mentorship opportunities, have regular meetings among medical students in their didactic and clinical training, and establish open communication among students conducting research in dermatology at UCLA. The structure of DIG includes a committee focused on didactics (lunchtime discussions), and a cabinet consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. DIG will also include both upperclassmen and underclassmen so that both clinical and didactic aspects of DIG can be better addressed and included in DIG meetings. The role of our faculty advisor is to assist DIG members in exploration of long range occupational and professional plans in dermatology, refer students to sources for specialized assistance in dermatology, and to contribute awareness of opportunities in laboratories, clinics, and field experiences. Membership includes graduate students, medical students, and faculty.



Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Sheila Ganjian, Peter Hsiue
Student Advisor:  Stephanie Cham, Elizabeth Lancaster, Tyler Larson, Jeremy Smith
Faculty Advisors: Scott Votey, M.D. and Pamela Dyne, M.D.
Department Website: http://www.emergencymedicine.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Acute Care

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group is a group of first and second year medical students who work with physicians from the UCLA Emergency Departments to learn both clinical skills and to explore opportunities in Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Scott Votey and Dr. Pam Dyne of UCLA, along with residents from the UCLA Emergency Department, help teach students skills such as suturing, splinting, starting IVs, intubation, and ultrasound. The group also meets to discuss topics about Emergency Medicine, such as planning for residency, wilderness medicine, career choices in Emergency Medicine, and much more.  The interest group leaders ensure that students have access to information regarding national organizations like ACEP and AAEM.  EMIG also encourages participation in emergency medicine conferences throughout Southern California.


EMIG supports a shadowing program whereby students follow residents during their shifts in the Emergency Departments at UCLA affiliate hospitals - RRMC, Harbor, and Olive View.


EMIG fulfills the mission statement above by stimulating interest in Emergency Medicine through providing hands-on experience in workshops and shadowing, in addition to lectures and conferences.

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Family Medicine Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Neha Agarwal, Van Vu 
Student Advisors:   Margaret Chen, Max Dean Goldstein
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Lee, M.D.
Department Website: http://fm.mednet.ucla.edu/index.asp
Sponsoring College: Primary Care

The mission of the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is to inform medical and pre-medical students about the unique philosophy of Family Medicine through education and mentorship. FMIG understands the role of family physicians in the improvement of health in this country and seeks to encourage medical student to be future leaders in their practices, to understand the problems facing health care today, and to respond to the growing disparities in health care that exist among immigrant families and minority populations in large urban centers, such as Los Angeles. Additionally, we would like to inform students and expose them to the various specialties and career opportunities available within family medicine through workshops, lunch talks, networking activities, regional and national conferences, and community service events.



Global Health Interest Group

Head Coordinators: Brittni Johnson, Deborah Martins
Student Advisors: Hannah Shull, Ramy Salah
Faculty Advisor: Ross Donaldson, M.D.  
Website: http://www.uclaghf.org/
Sponsoring College: Primary Care

The Global Health Interest Group serves to educate medical students about global health issues and provide opportunities for students to share their experiences. GHIG talks allow students to gain a broader understanding of medicine and thus, a more complete medical education. The group also provides information and encouragement to those seeking to gain or expand on preexisting international experience.

We do this by:
- hosting speakers from different specialties with experience and knowledge in the practice of medicine abroad
- screening documentaries
- teaching medical skills to undergraduates who are going on global health trips through Global Medical Brigades
- hosting Global Health Awareness Week in collaboration with the UCLA Center for World Health, the Fielding School of Public Health, and the Dean's Office.
-partnering with the Global Health Selective to create a yearlong student experience in global health


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Head & Neck Surgery Interest Group

Head Coordinators:  John Davis, Lyndon Gonzalez
Student Advisors:  Carlos Guzman, Ashley Kita
Faculty Advisor: Vishad Nabili, MD
Department Website: http://www.surgery.ucla.edu/headandneck/default.shtml
Sponsoring College: Applied Anatomy


The ENT IG is dedicated to providing opportunities for medical students to learn about Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery.  For many students our lunch events and provided shadowing opportunities are the only experience they will have with Head and Neck surgery until a short rotation during third year surgery clerkships.  Head and Neck Surgery is a unique field in that doctors are not only the surgeons but also the primary medical physicians for any illnesses for the head and neck region.  Head and neck pathology is important for every feild of medicine and the earlier students receive exposure to the filed the more educated decisions they can make about their future careers.  It is our goal provide that exposure to Head and Neck Surgery and serve as the venue where vital student-faculty relationships can be made in order to ensure that UCLA medical students are best prepared for matching into Head and Neck residencies if they so choose.

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Integrative Medicine Student Interest Group

Head Coordinators: Lily Kornbluth, Raymond Lam
Student Advisors:  Katherine Huang, Helen Lam
Faculty Advisor: Ka-kit Hui, M.D.
Sponsoring College:  Primary Care

Integrative Medicine emphasizes the whole person. Its practice aims to provide optimal health, healing, and well-being while reaffirming the significance of the patient-physician relationship, all by utilizing an evidence-based, conventional and non-conventional multidisciplinary approach: through the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and a multitude of other modalities. In order to spread the knowledge and philosophy of Integrative Medicine, IMSIG will provide a forum for medical students to learn, challenge, explore, share, and experience Integrative Medicine through sponsorship of speakers, practical workshops, and discussions. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of health as being cross-cultural, founded upon ancient and modern ideas and practices, and most importantly as a spectrum of human experiences, from body to mind, emotion, and spirit. Through community outreach, students will have the opportunity to educate the community at large while simultaneously exploring and developing a greater awareness of their own health, well-being, and roles as physician-healers in the community. IMSIG hopes to provide medical students with a unique capacity to effect positive, healing transformations in all aspects of patients’ lives while also realizing the motto – “Physician, heal thyself.”



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Internal Medicine Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Monica Arnell, Roya Moheimani 
Student Advisors: Jiwoon Chang, Jeremy Smith
Faculty Advisor: Jan Tillisch, M.D.
Support Staff: Dale Best
Department Website: http://www.med.ucla.edu/modules/wfchannel/
Sponsoring College: Primary Care

The mission of the DGSOM-UCLA Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is to provide students with information about internal medicine as a medical specialty and as a possible career; expose students to physicians in the field of internal medicine with interesting and successful careers who can provide students with a sense of what it is like to be an internal medicine specialists or subspecialist/ and provide an opportunity for students to learn, network, and serve their community together.


IMIG fulfills this mission by hosting speaker events featuring UCLA and community residents, fellows, and physicians; setting up shadowing opportunities at Ronald Reagan Medical Center; organizing student participation in service events such as community health fairs; and promoting opportunities for students to submit abstracts to American College of Physicians research competitions.


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Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Julia Kulik, Erica Tukiainen
Student Advisor:
Catherine Amble, Katherine Chen, Katherine Henry, Joshua Istrin

Faculty Advisors: Lillian Gelberg, M.D., M.S.P.H., William J. McCarthy, Ph.D.
Group Website: http://www.lmucla.com/

Sponsoring College: Primary Care

Mission Statement:

Lifestyle medicine is the evidence-based practice of empowering individuals and families to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that prevent disease, prolong life, and promote a higher quality of living. Examples of target patient behaviors include physical activity/exercise, food and beverage choices, tobacco use, alcohol use, reproductive health, perceived stress, mental health, hygiene, and sleep. As a Career Specialty Interest Group with service- and community-based activities, the Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG) will provide a forum for medical personnel to explore, learn, challenge, share, and experience Lifestyle Medicine and its application in the clinic and in their own lives.

Five Key Areas: 1) Behavior change counseling (motivational interviewing), 2) physical activity/exercise, 3) nutrition, 4) stress management, and 5) public health policy reform and advocacy.


1. Explore Lifestyle Medicine as a philosophy, an approach to medical practice, and a way to achieve better patient health outcomes. Stimulate student interest in Lifestyle Medicine and the ways in which students can incorporate its principles into their future practice as physicians as well as into their own lives as health leaders and role models.

3. Collaborating with other student interest groups when appropriate, provide students with the opportunity to hear speakers from a variety of disciplines share their perspectives on Lifestyle Medicine as it relates to health care reform, evidence-based medicine, disease prevention, and patient empowerment. Provide students with opportunities to interact directly with patients and provide lifestyle interventions-- in the setting of health fairs, mobile clinics, classes, screenings, etc.

4. Provide students with clinical and research career opportunities in the field of Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine, such as shadowing, observation of classes, workshops, and arranging connections with appropriate mentors. Educate students about career opportunities in the field of Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine, including residency and postgraduate careers.

5. Support and develop health policy reform initiatives to promote Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine through collaborations with organizations like the American Medical Association and develop tools to empower physicians and medical students to act as advocates for community health. Establish and develop a network of Lifestyle Medicine Advocates, including partnerships with other medical schools, UCLA undergraduates, the UCLA Schools of Public Health and Nursing, UCLA FitWell and other campus wellness initiatives, and national organizations such as the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.



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Medical Genetics Interest Group

Student Coordinators:  Lisa Cao, Alexa Orand
Student Advisor:  
Lindsay Riley, Alan Yaghoubian
Faculty Advisor:
Katrina Dipple, M.D., Ph.D.
Department Website: http://www.genetics.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Primary Care

The genetics interest  group and medical genetics selective serve to educate the students of DGSOM about the current research in the genetics field and the possible career paths in the field of medical genetics.  We achieve this goal by hosting 10 lunchtime lectures throughout the year and also offering shadowing experiences in the medical genetics clinic.


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Medical Innovations Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Ernest Lee, Jason Ni
Student Advisor: Steve Blum, Pradeep Rajendran
Faculty AdvisorS: Jonathan Wisco, M.D., Kathryn Atchison, D.D.S., M.P.H.

Sponsoring College: Academic Medicine

The goal of the Medical Innovation Interest Group (MIIG) is to assist medical students to incorporate translational research, technology transfer, and business into their future careers. Between a life-saving idea and actually saving lives stands a mountain that few have mapped out and even fewer have successfully crossed – the process of medical innovation. In recent years it has become especially apparent that good ideas alone are insufficient to bring successful medical devices and drugs to market and ultimately into the clinic. Research is popular activity, but how can we take our findings and translate them into real therapies? How can we capitalize on our clinical knowledge to fill important medical needs?

To address these questions, MIIG will promote knowledge of relevant combined degree programs (e.g., MD/MBA, MD/MPH), intellectual property, and technology transfer. Additionally, the Interest Group will interconnect professionals involved in medical innovation (faculty members, the Anderson School of Business, Los Angeles-area VCs and entrepreneurs) with interested medical students.

More broadly, the Interest Group seeks to bridge student interests in academia, clinical medicine, and public health to invention, management, and the real world. The organization seeks to broaden students’ perspective about what a career in medicine can entail through tacit understanding of business and promotion of translational research. Competency in such skills is increasingly a prerequisite for leadership in the medical sciences - our aim is to enable medical students to embrace these disciplines and harness them in a medical career.

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Medicine Pediatrics Interest Group


Student Coordinators: Trinh Khong, Elizabeth Rubin

Student Advisors: Lujia Zhang, Lisa Zhu

Faculty Advisor: Erin Curcio, M.D.

Sponsoring College: Primary Care

The purpose of the UCLA Med-Peds Interest Group (MPIG) is to provide guidance and support for the growing number of students interested in a combined Medicine-Pediatrics residency. MPIG is the only group on campus that gives students access to information about a Med-Peds residency and puts them in touch with physicians in specific fields like transitional care. With more patients with congenital conditions surviving long into adulthood, there is increased demand for physicians who can both treat these patients in their childhood as well as provide them with the unique care they need many years later. MPIG provides students with the opportunity to learn more about career options in this field, and allows them to make connections with current residents and physicians at UCLA. In addition to informal lunch meetings whereby students can hear faculty opinions and ask questions, shadowing opportunities are set up such that students can experience life as a med-peds physician, attend teaching rounds, and interact with the patient population.


MPIG organized different talks throughout the year to inform students about the Med-Peds residency program, the roles that Med-Peds physicians fill, and the differences and advantages of being trained as an internist and pediatrician compared to a career in pediatrics, internal medicine or family medicine alone. We also invited Med-Peds physicians to talk about their experiences and how they are able to continue offering continuity to their pediatric patients, especially those with congenital diseases or with disabilities and as they transition into their adult lives. MPIG is also committed to exposing medical students to the field of Med-Peds by offering mentorship and shadowing opportunities with physicians and residents in the field.


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Neurosurgery Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Monica Arnell, Christina Fong
Student Advisor: Stephanie Cheok, Winward Choy
Faculty Sponsor: Linda Liau, M.D., Ph.D.
Department Website: http://neurosurgery.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Applied Anatomy

Mission Statement:

To educate students about a career in neurosurgery—the road to residency and the diversity of the various career paths and research that can be chosen within the specialty. To galvanize interest among the students to pursue such a unique career. To connect the neurosurgery department at UCLA and the medical students for mixers, lunch talks, neurosurgery events, and collaboration in research opportunities.


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Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Minerva Pineda, Nina Vyas
Student Advisor: Melanie Maykin, Kelly Mooney
Faculty Sponsor: Lauren Nathan, M.D.
Department Website: http://www.uclaobgyn.com/
Sponsoring College: Primary Care

This group is open to anyone interested in becoming familiar with the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Women's Health. We offer resources to educate and support students who are interested in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and serve as a liaison between medical students and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. We sponsor lectures and panels on topics ranging from the current lifestyle of physicians practicing Obstetrics to the various sub-specialties available in both Obstetrics and Gynecology. In addition, we provide shadowing opportunities with residents at the Center for Health Sciences and with physicians in the community.


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Oncology Interest Group


Student Coordinators: Rebecca Levin-Epstein, Cary Kraft
Student Advisors: Jesse Zaretsky, Melody Chung, Evthokia (Evie) Hobbs
Faculty Sponsors: Gary Schiller, M.D.
OIG Website: http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/students/wordpress/oig/

JCCC Website: http://www.cancer.ucla.edu
Sponsoring College: Academic Medicine

The OncIG is a student-run interest group whose mission is to expose first and second year medical students to the oncological medical specialties.
To fulfill this mission, the OncIG organizes events in the following 4 areas of focus:

Career Path Exposure/Advising:
We seek to introduce students to the practice of surgical, medical, and radiation oncology, and the path toward these careers.

Clinical Experience Opportunities:
We seek to give students the opportunity to see how oncology is practiced through shadowing or partnership with UCLA-affiliated oncology clinics, either in-patient or out-patient.

Research into cancer biology, detection, and treatment is evolving at a breakneck pace. We seek to give students a glimpse of the future of oncology through lunch talks and interaction with experts at the cutting-edge of their field.

Community Involvement:
New for 2013. Due to its high prevalence and its devastating effect on patients and their families, cancer has received a large amount of community support and attention. We propose to give students an opportunity to meaningfully engage with the social aspects of society's relationship with cancer, through education, fundraising, and/or service opportunities.

In short, the OncIG is both first and second year students' best route to knowledge about the oncological specialties, and it represents a unique opportunity to enter the fascinating world of cancer and its treatment earlier in students' careers than otherwise possible. We hope that the OncIG will spark interest in one of the oncological specialties to balance the growing need for cancer specialists, both in the clinical and research realms.


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Ophthalmology Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Jennifer Danesh, Arthur Yule
Student Advisors: Judy Chen, Harry Mai
Faculty Advisor: Gary N. Holland, M.D.
Department Website: http://www.jsei.org/index.htm
Sponsoring College: Applied Anatomy


The Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG) is a career specialty interest group that is devoted to increasing medical student awareness, exposure and interest in the field of ophthalmology. Our primary partnership is with the Jules Stein Eye Institute Mobile Eye Clinic through which we give students first-hand exposure to the practice of ophthalmology in a clinical and community setting. In addition, we increase exposure to the field through guest speakers and lectures, resident and faculty panels, and shadowing opportunities in the various sub-specialties of ophthalmology


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Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Mark Eckardt, Taylor Hobson
Student Advisors: James Chen, Claire Eliasberg
Faculty Advisor:  Sharon Hame, M.D.
Department Website: http://www.ortho.medsch.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Applied Anatomy

The Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG) at UCLA is designed for students who are interested in learning more about a career in orthopaedics.  Over the course of the academic year, specially selected speakers will address a number of important issues including

- what an orthopaedic surgeon does
- what a career as an orthopaedist entails
- the different sub-specialties that one could ultimately pursue
- the qualities/experiences that make a competitive applicant

Additionally, various research, volunteer, and shadowing opportunities will be offered to interested members.  Students who are considering a career in orthopaedics, as well as those who are simply curious about this often misunderstood
field, are invited to join.

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Pathology Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Sara Mottahedan, Kevin Yang
Student Advisor: Jason Scapa
Faculty Advisor: Elena Stark, M.D., Ph.D.
Sponsorinng College: Applied Anatomy


Many medical students and physicians remember their pathology course in medical school, but are not sure what a practicing pathologist actually does. Our purpose is to expand awareness and interest among students about the field of pathology as well as gain exposure to what a career in pathology entails. This organization also encourages students to consider pathology as a career, and allows interested students to make contacts with faculty and residents. It is the goal of this group to increase awareness, increase interest in the field and to provide a structured forum to gain information about pathology as a career choice. In addition, we plan to hold workshops on microscopy, grossing pathological specimens, and shadowing opportunities with current UCLA pathology residents and attendings. Also we plan to have review sessions on histology and pathology pertinent to Step 1 or Block materials to benefit not only those interested in pathology as a specialty by as a service to all medical students reviewing for upcoming exams and Board evaluations.


Pediatrics Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Maryanne Ibrahim, Megan Mendoza
Student Advisor: Kelsi McCoy, Pradeep Rajendran
Faculty Sponsor: Lee Miller, M.D., Ryan Coller, M.D.
Group Website: http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/students/organizations/pig/index.htm
Department Website: http://www.pediatrics.medsch.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Primary Care


The Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) strives to educate medical students about the vast field of pediatrics by promoting student exploration of pediatrics and its subspecialties, providing opportunities for career guidance, and encouraging awareness of issues pertaining to children and their families.  With these goals in mind, PIG hopes to encourage and inspire pursuit of a career in pediatrics.


To fulfill this mission the PIG student coordinators work with pediatric residents and faculty to provide several events around the year.  Through lunch time lectures, students have the opportunity to learn about and ask questions of pediatrics or experts in pediatric research.  Through resident-student mixers, students can learn more abut the pediatric training and ask advice about how to decide if pediatrics is right for them.   Through the PIG sponsored shadowing program, interested students are matched to a physician willing to have students spend the day with them in clinic.  Through community events students gain exposure to the community of children at large and have the opportunity to give something back.


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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Daniel Johansen, Jeremy Laney
Student Advisor: Daisuke Furukawa
Faculty Advisor:  Dixie Aragaki, M.D.
Department Website: http://www.losangeles.va.gov/internships/pmr/index.asp

Sponsoring College: Applied Anatomy


The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group (PM&RIG) is dedicated to the education of future physicians about the PM&R specialty and its function within the healthcare system.  We accomplish this goal by hosting talks given by PM&R specialists and by arranging clinical skills training sessions.



 PM&RIG is working with the UCLA Mobile Clinic Project to bring PM&R expertise to underserved population in Los Angeles. Through this opportunity, we give medical students the unique opportunity to simultaneously shadow and learn from PM&R physicians while serving Los Angeles’s homeless population.



 PM&R provides leadership opportunities for interested medical students. These leadership opportunities grant students the opportunity to interact especially closely with UCLA faculty and physicians towards a common goal of spreading awareness and interest in PM&R among future physicians.


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Psychiatry Student Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Eric Lin, Robert Martin

Student Advisors: Adam McIntosh, Adam Norberg
Faculty Advisor: Margaret Stuber, M.D.  
PsychSIG Website: http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/psychsig/
Department Website: http://www.psychiatry.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Academic Medicine

The Psych SIG seeks to help students gain a better understanding of the field of psychiatry through exploration, mentoring and leadership

Exploration: We are dedicated to the exploration of the practice of psychiatry and its subspecialties. We will accomplish this through faculty lectures on psychiatry and related topics and by providing access to information about psychiatry to our members.


Mentoring: We want our members to have people to whom they can turn with questions. For this reason, we will develop a mentoring program where students can approach willing residents and practicing physicians with their questions about psychiatry.


Leadership: This group will provide leadership opportunities for its members. Along with the traditional leadership roles for an interest group, we will also provide opportunities for event coordinators and mentorship coordinators. This will help students develop their leadership potential.

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Radiology Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Ryan Chuang, Megan Sue
Student Advisors: Aaron Jen
Faculty Advisor: Theodore Hall, M.D.
Organization Website: http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/rig
Department Website: http://www.radiology.ucla.edu/main.jsp
Sponsoring College: Applied Anatomy

Radiology is a field that lies at the heart of the future of medicine with its rapidly expanding power and potential in diagnostics and guided therapy. The goals of the Radiology Interest Group (RIG) are to introduce medical students to this exciting career path, its different specialties, research opportunities, lifestyle, training, and what it takes to get there!




Surgery Interest Group

Student Coordinators:  Justin Koh, Fred McLafferty
Student Advisors: Sudeep Banerjee, Zachary Burke
Faculty Advisors: Christian de Virgilio, M.D., Jonathan Hiatt, M.D.  
Department Website: http://www.surgery.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Applied Anatomy

While many students find themselves drawn to the world of surgery, they often have little idea of which specialty they wish to pursue. The Surgery Interest Group brings together students from a number of different interests, creating a venue for stimulating and challenging conversation among members of the student body, while simultaneously ushering them into the inner-workings of the surgical field. Immersion activities offered include lunchtime talks, preceptorships in the community, shadowing sessions in clinic and operating rooms and discussions on important research subjects including breast, transplant, vascular, cancer and other surgeries. Acting as a networking tool and motivator, our organization hopes to introduce students to their future colleagues and to begin their practical training in the arena they will one day contribute to as physicians.


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Student Interest Group in Neurology

Student Coordinators: Ernest Lee, John W. Thompson
Student Advisors: Cynthia He, Sophie Rengarajan
Faculty Advisor: Martina Wiedau-Pazos, M.D.  
Department Website: http://www.neurology.ucla.edu/
Sponsoring College: Academic Medicine

The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) chapter at UCLA enables students to learn about and explore neurology and related research. SIGN is affiliated with the American Academy of Neurology, which provides students with opportunities to connect with peers and professionals across the country. Locally, SIGN exposes students to the careers and lives of neurologists, and facilitates connections between medical students and neurology residents, fellows, and attendings at UCLA. SIGN also coordinates with the Department of Neurology to offer a Medical Student Summer Research Program scholarship enabling students to undertake neurological research endeavors at various sites across the country.

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Women in Surgery Interest Group

Student Coordinators: Jessica Mao, Allison Roe

Student Advisor: Ashley Kita, Sarah Park

Resident Advisors: Jessica Beth O'Connell, M.D., Avital Harari, M.D.

Sponsoring College:  Applied Anatomy

Mission Statement:

The David Geffen School of Medicine’s Women in Surgery Interest Group (WISIG) is a student-run organization with a commitment to support the professional and personal needs of aspiring female surgeons. WISIG was created to address the increasing interest in surgical careers by female medical students and to enhance the exposure of UCLA’s medical students with active female surgeons within the UCLA community.

WISIG’s primary focus is to increase the pipeline for female medical students considering careers in general surgery and the surgical subspecialties. WISIG is proud to (1) highlight female surgeons from the university and local community to serve as role models for female medical students, (2) to provide direct mentoring and advising with respect to careers in academic and community practices, (3) to allow for open and guided discussions about specific challenges and tribulations that especially pertain to the woman surgeon and (4) to introduce unique opportunities for research, networking, volunteer work and education within the various surgical fields.

The primary focus of the organization lies within the mentorship of female medical students and the educational dialogue regarding topics readily pertinent to women in surgery. That being said, many issues that are considered “women’s issues” are truly issues for the “modern day surgeon.” As such WISIG is open to all members of the medical school community regardless of sex, race, sexual-orientation or socioeconomic background, considering therein lies an investment to the advancement of the WISIG mission.


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