Connecting Californians to Care

Our AMA chapter is partnering with UCLA’s Student National Medical Association chapter to initiate an educational campaign to raise awareness of new healthcare coverage opportunities for Californians available through Covered California.


Covered California is California’s health insurance exchange designed to provide Californians with access to affordable, high quality healthcare.  California has over seven million uninsured individuals representing 20% of the state’s population.  Covered California’s mission is to reduce this number of uninsured to improve healthcare coverage, achieve better health outcomes, and ultimately reduce healthcare spending.

One of the major challenges Covered California faces is limited public knowledge of the new health insurance coverage options.  An October 2013 poll conducted by Gallup found that 71% of uninsured individuals are unfamiliar with how these new exchanges work.  This indicates that a population segment that could benefit most from Covered California is unaware of its existence.  Given this context, our goal is to work with communities to provide outreach and education on healthcare coverage opportunities that Covered California provides.


1.  Provide information to community members on healthcare coverage opportunities available through Covered California and Medi-Cal.

2.  Train outreach volunteers as Certified Enrollment Counselors (CECs) who will be authorized to enroll individuals into Covered California.

Calender & Upcoming Events:

To view the full calendar of Covered California Outreach events, please click here.

Community Partners

To help achieve our mission we have partnered with two Los Angeles-based Certified Enrollment Entities.  Many of our outreach events will be organized by or in conjunction with these partnering organizations:

Training Materials and Resources

Please click here to visit a library of Covered California resources, including outreach training materials, podcasts to training lectures, and online tools helpful for determining coverage eligibility.


For more information about the Covered California Outreach Initiative please email:

Student Leaders:

  • Jeff Fujimoto, AMA Alternate Delegate (
  • Brandon Scott, AMA Communications Director (
  • Caleb Wilson, SNMA Co-President (

Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Dylan Roby (

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